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Identifying people unfit for parenting

Illinois residents involved with raising a child may benefit from learning more about how the state determines if an individual is unfit to be a parent. There are several conditions that may compel family courts to consider an individual unfit for parenting. It may be worth noting that individuals who relinquished a child within the parameters established under the Abandoned Newborn Protection Act may not be considered unfit.

A brief overview of child support in Illinois

During typical divorce proceedings in Illinois, one of the issues that may arise is how both parents can continue supporting their children. Under state law, both parents are expected to contribute toward the well-being of their children until they are 18. In some cases, there may even be a separate agreement between the parents to continue paying for educational or other needs after any children from the marriage turn 18.

Why Illinois parents should consider 'conscious uncoupling'

By now, many people in Illinois have likely heard of the term "conscious uncoupling." Coined by actress Gwyneth Paltrow upon announcing her divorce, it describes an approach to divorce that is thoughtful and child-centric. Although many people have poked fun at the term, Paltrow and her soon-to-be ex may be on to something. 

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