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Child Custody Archives

Child custody hearings

Illinois has specific child custody laws that apply to someone who is seeking enforcement of orders issued in other states or of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The courts have a duty to enforce the Hague Convention or out-of-state child custody orders.

Child custody and visitation rights in Illinois

When parents divorce in St. Clair and across the nation, multiple options exist for child custody. For legal matters, such as decisions about school and medical care, the parents have two options: sole custody or joint custody. This simply determines who makes these types of decisions for the child and has nothing to do with where the child will live. In most cases, the child will live with one of the parents and receive child support from the other parent.

NBA All-Star seeks custody of infant child

Parents and basketball fans in Illinois might take an interest in the following current custody battle. Court documents state that Indiana Pacer and NBA All-Star Paul George has filed for sole custody of an infant girl that he may have fathered with a woman in New York pending the results of a paternity test. A prenatal test said that he was the father with a probability of 99.9 percent, but he reportedly had concerns regarding the original test's methodology and sought a second opinion.

Illinois woman in child custody case involving frozen embryos

Modern society offers many options to those who wish to become parents, but are unable to under normal circumstances. The legal issues surrounding these different choices may be difficult to understand. Those who decide to create a family through non-traditional means may be interested in the recent child custody case of an Illinois woman who sought ownership of her frozen embryos at the objection of the father.

How to stay focused on your children when you can't stand your ex

Unless you have no marital assets or debts, no kids, and a very amicable break-up, divorce is stressful. You have to file paperwork, obtain a clear picture of your assets, figure out what you can live on after divorce, and determine the best way to unwind your entangled lives. For parents, however, property division may not be the most important aspect of a divorce. Child custody generally takes center stage.

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