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Heroin addiction: An illness or an offense against the state?

If you're suffering from a heroin addiction, or if you use heroin on a regular basis, you're breaking the law every time you use the drug. However, the users of heroin are often so devastatingly addicted that the use of the substance isn't a choice: It's a matter of life and death.

Divorcing amicably: Yes, it's possible

It's true that no divorce is easy. There's lots of paperwork, and hurt feelings can get in the way of finalizing the steps of divorce as quickly as you'd like. Between arguments and disagreements, it's simple to let a divorce get the better of you.

5 Top Problems That Lead To Divorce

Marriage is supposed to be a happy union of two persons who commit to love and care for each other forever. However, real life has other plans. It’s common for couples to have issues that crop up from time to time throughout their marriage, and many times, those problems lead them to consider divorce. Here are five red-button issues that are some of the top problems that lead to divorce.

Divorce and the division of a military pension

Military couples live in unique circumstances that can make divorce a tricky enterprise. The military lifestyle can put the spouses of service members in situations where they’re unable to work due to frequent moves. As such, they may be entitled to a significant amount of spousal support in the event of a divorce.

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