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The perks of an uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Firm News

When a husband and wife choose to end a marriage, it is probably done after much consideration. In some instances, both parties agree and understand that moving forward individually is better than trying to do so as a married couple. 

Seeking a divorce in Illinois when the parties agree may allow for a speedier and more amicable resolution. Even if a proceeding starts under more contentious circumstances, it may become possible for spouses to decide to proceed with an uncontested proceeding. Proceeding this way may allow the parties to move forward with life on happier terms. 

An uncontested divorce is faster and cheaper

The divorce process is rarely thought of as fast. The court system itself is often backlogged with cases. Getting before a judge may take well over a year, especially if a divorce proves particularly bitter. The lengthy process may also prove expensive as court fees rise. However, when a couple agrees on all terms of their divorce, the uncontested route may prove the quickest and most cost-effective path. 

The couple sets the terms privately

While many aspects of family court remain confidential, such as children’s names and ages, a divorce may become an in-court process. Since courtrooms are generally open to the public, the proceedings between feuding spouses may unfold in front of others. Since couples agree on all issues in an uncontested divorce before reaching court, the terms remain private. 

At the end of the divorce process, a couple should maintain an amicable relationship for their children’s sake. An uncontested divorce is one way former spouses may come through a divorce on fair terms.