Many people see divorce in a very negative light. That makes sense because it is the ending of a relationship, and couples should take it seriously. However, divorce in Illinois does not have to be bad. It does not have to involve arguing and fighting. There may be no reason for it to be contentious.

You may avoid all the negative things associated with dissolving your marital relationship by choosing to get an uncontested divorce. According to Attorney at Law Magazine, this is a divorce where both spouses agree to all the terms. The court simply has to do its part to make the divorce legal. Here is a look at three overall benefits you may expect if you take this route with your divorce.

1. It involves less stress

When you do not argue on all the terms of your divorce, it may take away a mountain of stress. You are not having to fight over property division or the custody of the children. You work together, which may be a huge relief.

2. It is fast

Because you are not going back and forth to reach compromises or agreements, uncontested divorce makes the whole process go faster. You only need to take the time to get all of the terms in writing and wait for the court to process everything and finalize the divorce legally. It is much faster than waiting for court decisions on details you cannot agree on.

3. It is less expensive

Because an uncontested divorce takes less time, it also costs less. You will have far fewer legal costs. Other costs may also be lower since you will not have to be in and out of court utilizing the court’s time.

Overall, if you can come to an agreement about your assets, child custody and other details of separating your life, then it is better for everyone. You will find an uncontested divorce can make things much easier and help you to both move on more quickly.