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8 reasons other than infidelity that people get divorced

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Firm News

Infidelity frequently leads to divorce. However, perhaps because of how often it’s portrayed in movies and television shows, people sometimes believe this is the main reason couples split up.

A husband meets someone new and realizes he’s not happy in his own marriage. A wife feels neglected by her husband and begins looking for someone who pays attention to her. Two people get married because their friends and family expect it, but neither are happy, so they seek happiness outside the marriage.

It’s the plot of countless movies, many of which you have probably seen. And it does happen. But here are eight more common, less dramatic reasons people split up:

1. They’re interested in different things. You want to travel the world. Your spouse wants to stay home and watch sports. You put up with it for a while, but it’s not the life you always envisioned for yourself.

2. They don’t agree on how to use money. You want to save every cent for the future. Your spouse wants to have fun and spend it all. To both of you, compromise feels like failure.

3. They can’t get past minor problems. Every disagreement turns into a fight. Your spouse never lets anything go. You both hold grudges from years ago.

4. Physical contact disappears. It’s not just that you don’t act like you did when you first started dating. It’s that you never really touch each other. If a kiss or a hug would be a surprise, it’s a problem.

5. They expect things that they never get. The problem, of course, is that these expectations may be unrealistic. Still, people grow bitter over time. In some cases, you may be angry about something without your spouse having any idea that he or she is letting you down.

6. They do not want the same things in life. Your spouse wants children. You can’t imagine having kids, and you enjoy your low-stress lifestyle. For your spouse, though, it’s anything but low-stress. He or she is constantly expressing anxiety over not starting a family.

7. They forget who they are individually. Sure, you are part of a couple when you get married, but does that mean you have to forgo your individuality? Some people grow weary of only doing things as a couple and want more freedom.

8. They got married, but not for a good reason. Maybe you owned a home together, so you thought it’d just be easier to get married. Maybe your parents pressured you. Either way, the foundation of your marriage is not sturdy.

If you find yourself moving toward divorce for any of these reasons, make sure you understand your options and what steps to take.