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5 Top Problems That Lead To Divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Firm News

Marriage is supposed to be a happy union of two persons who commit to love and care for each other forever. However, real life has other plans. It’s common for couples to have issues that crop up from time to time throughout their marriage, and many times, those problems lead them to consider divorce. Here are five red-button issues that are some of the top problems that lead to divorce.

Misplaced Motives

Years after the wedding, are you wondering why you tied the knot with your spouse? Misplaced motives for getting married happen for some core reasons. Marrying for money is just one of them. Other reasons could be an unexpected pregnancy or the feeling that you just should get married to a person because you’ve spent so much time dating.

The problem is that you married due to circumstances at one point in time. Perhaps the wealthy husband lost his assets in a couple of bad business deals. Maybe the excitement of having a child together has faded. It could be that the long-term romance didn’t have the staying power you thought it had.

Different Interests

Couples don’t have to do everything together, but they do better if they share some common interests. Couples with wildly different interests may find themselves literally going in separate directions. Over time, this can lead to divorce.

Differing Views About Finance

Wildly differing opinions about how to save and spend money can lead a couple to major conflict. Lack of financial compatibility painfully shows when one spouse pinches pennies, and the other runs up credit card charges. This lack of compatibility shows up even more when each person wants to assert control over the finances.

That is why it’s so important to talk to your prospective spouse about financial priorities and goals before you get married. A unified and mutually complimentary approach to money proactively squelches many arguments over the years about money.

Lost In Parental Roles

When a couple becomes a larger family through the addition of one or more children, they risk becoming lost in their new parental roles. This can be very easy due to the all-consuming care that infants and young children demand. Add in parental work schedules, and there’s not much time to be a couple. After several years of this, the spouses are in danger of losing their identity as a couple unless they regularly plan some couple time for themselves.

Too Little Intimacy

Whether it happened because one conflict or just gradually happened over time, a lack of intimacy is one of the top reasons for divorce. This reason usually pairs up with another issue such as differing interests, conflict and immersion in parental roles. If for whatever reason couples can’t remedy their relationship, divorce may be the only option to reduce or eliminate conflict.