If you are a parent going through a divorce in Illinois, our firm may be able help you to negotiate for a fair child support order. By carefully reviewing the financial situations of all of the parties involved, we work to ensure that our client’s rights are respected and that the child support order is in compliance with state guidelines.

In Illinois, a noncustodial parent with one child can expect to pay child support in the amount of 20 percent of their monthly net income. Additional children will result in a higher percentage being paid with a maximum payment of 50 percent of the parent’s monthly net income. Although the formula for calculating child support payments in Illinois can appear to be relatively simple, there is always room for parties on both sides to argue that the court should vary from the guidelines.

Whether there are allegations of concealed income or manipulated monthly expense numbers, we are prepared to handle all of the disputes that may arise before a child support order is finalized. As the case progresses, we always let our clients know what is going on and give them an estimate of how much child support they will likely be paying or receiving.

In addition to a child support order, some divorces involve an order for spousal support, also referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance. Unlike child support, there is not an exact calculation that is used to determine how much alimony an ex-spouse is likely to pay or receive. To learn more about these kinds of divorce issues and how we may be able to help you, visit our page on child support.

Source: Scott B Meyer Attorney at Law, “Belleville Child Support Lawyer“, November 06, 2014