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No-show bench warrant issued for popular rapper

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2014 | Firm News

Illinois rapper Chief Keef is in legal trouble stemming from a court hearing. A judge issued a warrant for the performer’s arrest after his failure to show up for a hearing based on back child support. The rapper, whose legal name is Keith Cozart, was ordered to appear to answer allegations that he is in arrears of more than $10,000 for his 17-month-old daughter. The mother of the child has said that although Cozart paid some of the ordered child support and makes sure health insurance is available for his daughter, he has fallen behind in his payments.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office recently filed a claim on the child’s behalf for the delinquent child support amount and the hearing was based on that petition. Currently, Cozart is also a defendant in a separate child support case that is currently pending in the Chicago area.

Although the child support arrearage may seem steep, Illinois courts typically factor income and earning capacity into determining what amount of child support should be paid. According to the Cook County Circuit Court’s child support information website, the child support formula is based on 20 percent of a payor’s income for one child. Although the court has discretion, due to Chief Keef’s status as a well-paid performer, the ordered amount of child support may be higher than what many consider to be typical.

Child support helps ensure that parental contribution is well-rounded and that every aspect of a child’s needs are provided for, including those financial and medical in nature. Finding a balance that is fair for both parties might be a difficult issue on which to find some sort of agreement. A family law attorney may be able to help a parent determine what amount of child support seems feasible and advocate for that party in a hearing.

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