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May 2014 Archives

Illinois woman in child custody case involving frozen embryos

Modern society offers many options to those who wish to become parents, but are unable to under normal circumstances. The legal issues surrounding these different choices may be difficult to understand. Those who decide to create a family through non-traditional means may be interested in the recent child custody case of an Illinois woman who sought ownership of her frozen embryos at the objection of the father.

Man ordered to pay child support for non-biological child

When parents of a child are not in a relationship, one often makes child support payments to the other. One out-of-state man was recently ordered to make support payments for a son that was legally -- but not biologically -- his, but he argues that there are several reasons why this should not happen. Families in Illinois may be able to learn from this case that raises questions about the impact of paternity in child support rulings.

Tips for older divorcees on the division of marital property

Divorce at any point in time can be difficult to navigate, but divorce at an older age may come with special considerations. Those Illinois couples who are older when they make the decision to divorce may have an especially tough time as they attempt to divide marital property that was accumulated over the course of a long relationship. If one spouse did not work outside the home, it can also be hard for them to reenter the workforce. None of this means that getting a divorce is impossible for older people, but it does mean that both parties may have to carefully consider arrangements for their future finances.

Man may owe nearly $50,000 in child support -- from 2 decades ago

Many Illinois parents are responsible for making child support payments that contribute to the care of their children. The amount is determined by many factors, such as the income of both parents or the specific custody arrangement between both parties. When a parent falls behind in his or her payments, the law provides a number of options for collecting. Moreover, past due amounts are typically subject to statutory interest. Such is the case for an out-of-state man who is facing a large bill for unpaid child support that includes a significant amount of interest that he claims he does not owe.

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