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April 2014 Archives

How to stay focused on your children when you can't stand your ex

Unless you have no marital assets or debts, no kids, and a very amicable break-up, divorce is stressful. You have to file paperwork, obtain a clear picture of your assets, figure out what you can live on after divorce, and determine the best way to unwind your entangled lives. For parents, however, property division may not be the most important aspect of a divorce. Child custody generally takes center stage.

Why Illinois parents should consider 'conscious uncoupling'

By now, many people in Illinois have likely heard of the term "conscious uncoupling." Coined by actress Gwyneth Paltrow upon announcing her divorce, it describes an approach to divorce that is thoughtful and child-centric. Although many people have poked fun at the term, Paltrow and her soon-to-be ex may be on to something. 

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