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Is it time to move to a new state with your child?

Imagine you only came to Illinois because your ex-husband got a new job. This is not your home. You never liked it, and the only thing you've wanted since you got here was to be closer to your family. But you're a mother and you share a child with your ex, so you're not free to simply pack your bags and go. There are legal procedures that must be followed or you could risk your parental rights.

When parents have shared legal custody -- even if the child lives full-time with one of the parents and the other parent has visitation rights -- the custodial parent (whom the child lives with) will usually need to obtain permission from the other parent before moving away. Without said permission, the noncustodial parent with visitation rights can block the other parent's move. Most child custody decrees and agreements specifically state that neither parent can move to another state without the other parent's permission. Doing so without court approval could cause the parent who moved to lose custody.

The step-by-step process required to establish paternity

Fathers who had children without being married to the woman hundreds of years ago were at a severe disadvantage. Without being married, it was usually impossible for them to prove that the child was theirs without the mother's agreement. These days the situation is different. Fathers can initiate the process of legally establishing paternity, and with DNA evidence, they can show that they are the biological fathers of their children.

If you're a father seeking to establish paternity, here are a few details you might want to understand:

Red flags that your spouse is hiding assets in your divorce

Hiding assets during divorce is not entirely uncommon; therefore, if you suspect that your soon-to-be ex is being less than financially honest, you should look deeper into the situation immediately.

Fortunately, with a little bit of forensic accounting, most spouses can unearth what's going on with their other half's finances, especially when they make a formal request in court for additional information.

When could a parent lose parental responsibility?

If you have children whom you love and adore, it's terrifying to think that you could lose parental responsibility of your children. However, this can happen in Illinois when certain circumstances are present.

If you're worried about losing parental responsibility -- or if you're a parent advocating for sole responsibility of your kids and want to file a petition to remove the other parent's status -- you might want to learn about the reasons for losing parental responsibility below.

Make a plan for telling your children about the impending divorce

Parents planning to divorce face an uncomfortable challenge in having to relay the news to the children. Because kids have lived their entire lives with both parents in the same home, learning of the split can be devastating. Younger children might not understand what is going on and older kids can get resentful.

If possible, both parents should be there to discuss the matter with the children. Ideally, you will take time to plan out what you are going to say and how you will handle the situation.

Can these tips help save your marriage from divorce?

Are you facing marital difficulties? Have you come to realize that you need to take action or your marriage is in serious danger of ending in divorce?

Saving your marriage is easier said than done, but you owe it to yourself to try. Although you may feel alone, there are many other people in the same position as you. Also, your spouse is probably sharing many of the same feelings.

What should I know about Benzodiazepine addiction?

The first thing that everyone should know about benzodiazepine addiction is the fact that these drugs are potentially dangerous as they could lead to overdose and death. The second thing they should know is that possessing benzodiazepines without a prescription is illegal and could result in an arrest and drug charges.

Once a patient is addicted to benzodiazepines, however, it can be very difficult to stop taking the medication.

What should I include in my parenting plan?

Your parenting agreement will govern the way you and your ex-spouse interact in relation to your children. It will explain the when and where of parental custody and visitation and how you will share your caregiving responsibilities.

As you can imagine, your needs and the needs of your children and your ex will change over time. So, in addition to providing a clear structure, your parenting plan also needs to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the evolving circumstances of your family.

Joint custody scheduling ideas for divorcing parents

Navigating joint child custody isn't necessarily easy, but the arrangements do have their benefits for both children and parents. One benefit for children is the fact that they will get to spend more quality time with both parents. Another benefit for adults is that they will get a break each week from their parenting responsibilities. During this time, they can date, enjoy alone time and pursue various hobbies and activities – ultimately helping the parent to be fresher and more attentive to their children when they have them.

There is virtually an infinite number of ways that parents can organize their parenting plans when they agree on whom the child will be staying with and when each week. Here are some of the most popular ways that parents organize their schedules in this regard:

  • Alternating weeks: The child lives one week with one parent and the next week with the other parent.
  • Two weeks alternating: The child lives two weeks with one parent and two weeks with the other.
  • 2-2-3: The child lives two days with one parent, two days with the other and three days with the other parent. This means the kids will spend alternating weekends with he parents.
  • 2-2-5-5: This two days on, two days off, five days on and five days off schedule may work for some families.
  • 3-4-4-3: Here is yet another way to organize parenting time.
  • Every weekend: This usually involves the child spending each weekend, plus an extra day with one parent and the school week with the other parent.
  • 4-3: The four days on, three days off schedule is a great option for some parents.

8 reasons other than infidelity that people get divorced

Infidelity frequently leads to divorce. However, perhaps because of how often it's portrayed in movies and television shows, people sometimes believe this is the main reason couples split up.

A husband meets someone new and realizes he's not happy in his own marriage. A wife feels neglected by her husband and begins looking for someone who pays attention to her. Two people get married because their friends and family expect it, but neither are happy, so they seek happiness outside the marriage.

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