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About Scott B. Meyer Attorney at Law

I am Scott B. Meyer, a Belleville general practice attorney with more than three decades of experience in complex legal disputes that involve individuals and families throughout the East St. Louis metro area of Illinois.

The office of Scott B. Meyer Attorney at Law handles family law, criminal defense and other legal matters that often intersect. Contact my office for:

Quality Representation Backed By Experience

I have handled a wide range of legal matters for more than 35 years. I am a confident and persuasive presence in the courtroom and have developed a familiarity with the local legal community — familiarity that has helped me develop productive professional relationships with those who play a role in my clients’ cases. Backed by decades of courtroom experience, I am well-prepared to powerfully advocate to obtain the best possible results for my clients.

Results That Reflect Your Personal Goals

Not every family law client walks in the door wanting to fight his or her spouse in court. Not everyone wants to take an amicable approach to dispute resolution. Similarly, many individuals who are facing serious criminal charges are willing to simply roll over for the prosecutor. Not everyone wants to take an amicable approach to dispute resolution. Furthermore, not every client’s wants match their needs. Across the spectrum of legal issues that I handle, I work with my clients to make sure we use a strategy that helps them obtain meaningful results efficiently and cost-effectively.

One-On-One Attention From The Lawyer Who Represents You

Many law firms turn over the bulk of client services to paralegals and legal secretaries. Support staff can be talented and are definitely helpful, but they should not be your primary representation during your case. I am a solo practitioner who personally represents every client who retains Scott B. Meyer Attorney at Law. When you call me, you get me.

Before you make any substantial decisions about your case, contact my office online or by telephone at 618-509-5194 and arrange your free initial consultation.