Strong Defense From Your Criminal Law Attorney

One of the best things a criminal defense lawyer can do is step in quickly and investigate your case. The early moments of any arrest are crucial to developing a defense.

At my firm, the office of Scott B. Meyer Attorney at Law, I personally handle all correspondence with clients and take on a case load that allows me to give my full attention to those I represent. I handle a wide range of criminal cases from initial investigation to post-conviction relief, including:

  • Traffic violations, such as speeding, reckless driving, evading police, hit-and-runs, etc.
  • DUIs and drunk driving, including license suspensions/revocations, multiple DUIs, felony DUIs, and issues of ignition interlock devices, Breathalyzer tests and more
  • Drug crimes, including possession, possession with intent to sell/deliver, drug trafficking, drug distribution, etc.
  • Sex crimes, including rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, child pornography and Internet sex crimes
  • Violent crimes, including assault, battery, robbery, burglary, domestic violence, child abuse, etc.

I also handle issues of protective orders, restraining orders and accusations that cause criminal-like consequences. I understand that many people fall into the criminal justice system — they do not necessarily have criminal intent. Mistakes happen, and I believe people deserve a second chance. The law affords people that by assuming innocence until someone is proven guilty.

Contact My Office Now

If you have been investigated, arrested or charged with a crime, do not say anything to law enforcement or prosecutors. Speak with an attorney first. Contact my office and I will act quickly to give you the defense you need. Reach me online or by telephone at 618-207-4257.