Your Local Attorney Is Ready To Help

Countless law firms approach legal representation like a paper mill. They send a paralegal to do the heavy lifting, and only have attorneys work on cases when the law requires it.

For more than 33 years, I have provided Illinois clients with the counsel their cases demand. This means meeting with them, answering their questions and actually representing them when that is what they've hired me to do.

If you need help with a criminal defense, personal injury or family law matter in Belleville or the East St. Louis metro area, I can help. Contact my office to arrange a meeting.

When Legal Matters Intersect

Not every area of law is cut-and-dry. In many cases, one legal matter can create a chain reaction that influences your work life, your family life and your financial stability. Having a lawyer who understands these issues and how to resolve them across disciplines can go a long way in getting you a favorable outcome.

When You Need Answers

Most of my clients come to me with a limited understanding of the legal system, and for good reason. They are hardworking, regular people who have run into challenges with their health, in their homes or in the criminal justice system.

I am here to guide you through these complex issues with clarity and confidence. I will take the time to answer your questions and get to know the person behind the legal case. Many of my clients return to me for their general practice needs because we developed a positive professional relationship that feels more like a friendship.

Let Me Work With You

Here, you'll have an attorney you can talk to and know will advocate for you. Call my office today at 618-207-4257 to arrange a meeting.